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Building Safety Regulator: High-rise building registration is open

The registration service is now open and the fee to register each building is £251. It is a legal requirement to register all high-rise residential buildings 18 metres tall or higher, or at least 7 storeys tall, with two or more residential units by 1 October 2023.

You will be required to enter the following information:
– the number of floors at or above ground level
– its height in metres
– the number of residential units
– the year it was originally built
– its address or addresses
– principle accountable person (and accountable persons if applicable) – name & contact details (email and phone number)
– pay the registration fee of £251

You can follow the link below, or contact us for further information or advice.

Register a high rise residential-building

Key Building Information

As well as registering your building, you are required to provide key information about it, which is known as Key Building Information (KBI). KBI can be added to your application when this part of the registration service opens in May. This will include:
– Building use (primary and secondary uses and uses of basement levels)
– Structure (frame type and material; connections to other blocks)
– Roof (structure and material)
– Number of staircases
– External wall system (all materials and % of each), insulation (primary material and % of each)
– External features and attachments to the building (type and material)
– Types of energy supply to and within the building
– Fire evacuation strategy
– List of fire and smoke control equipment
– Number of fire doors and their fire rating
– Certain building works carried out on the original building

Please contact us if you want to know more about building safety case reports, fire door surveys, fire risk assessments, compartmentation surveys or for more understanding about the Building Safety Act.