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Fire Door Surveys & Inspections

Fire Door Surveys  

What is this requirement?

    Building owners are legally obligated to adhere to the requirement outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which covers the building’s fire safety provisions. Regular inspections of fire doors are required to keep the standard of fire safety in buildings, as stated in BS8214 (c.13) and BS9999 (Annex L).

      Why are these inspections important?

        Fire doors are an integral part of fire safety and protection measures for any building, as they are present to contain fires to a particular area, giving people time to move or escape and avoiding smoke and fire from the affected risk area. 

        However, fire doors are also used regularly, as they are functional in buildings, making them susceptible to regular wear and tear and damage, which in turn compromises the quality of fire protection they provide. Therefore inspections, surveys, and remediation are important to ensure the buildings are compliant with fire safety regulations and the fire doors are effective as they need to be.

          How are fire door surveys done?

            Our surveys include front entrance doors sets, bedroom doors, emergency doors, risers, communal doors, and plant rooms. FCS conducts programmed door surveys with full regard to the unique needs of every client using the latest technology. All findings are captured in real-time and stored in a database for reference in future inspections. If there are any non-compliant doors, they are highlighted so that their maintenance and remediation can be prioritised by the client. With this information available, the responsible person can come up with an effective maintenance plan to maintain compliance. This plan will also be for the benefit of any Fire Risk Assessor and Fire Service Enforcement Officers (FSEO) should they attend your property. Our Surveyors will check a number of things including;

            • Does the fire door have the correct rating for it’s location?
            • Is it fitted properly to maintain the buildings fire compartmentation?
            • Is it damanged in anyway that reduce it’s performance in the event of a fire?
            • Does it have the correct intumescent strips?
            • Does it have the correct hardware and closers, and do they function correctly?
            • Is properly identified on both the door signage and in the building’s asset register?
            • Does it have the correct type of glazing and that it is fitted properly?

            BM Trada Fire Door Maintenance

              Fire Consultancy Specialists are UKAS 3rd Party Accredited to complete Fire Door Inspections under the BM Trada certification scheme.

              The certification process involves an assessment of the company’s processes and procedures, as well as the skills and qualifications of its personnel. The assessment covers areas such as fire door inspection, repair, and maintenance, as well as documentation and record-keeping.

              Affiliation Of Fire Door Inspectors

                As well as Fire Consultancy Specialists being UKAS 3rdParty Accredited to complete Fire Door Inspections we are also proud members of the AFDI.

                The AFDI is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to promote best practices amongst professional Fire Door Inspectors.

                What’s next?

                • Get a no obligation quote – Call, email or complete the enquiry form. It will only take a 24 hours for a formal quotation to be sent electronically.
                • Book an appointment – Once a date has been agreed, one of our expert assessors will be assigned to attend your property on the said date.
                • Attend site – Our assessor will be onsite on the agreed date and time. The Fire Risk Assessment will be conducted with minimum disruption to your business activities.
                • Report sent to client – A validated, comprehensive, suitable, and Sufficient report will be completed and distributed within five working days.
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