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Education Fire Safety

FCS Expertise in the Education Sector

Of the various structures that Fire Consultancy Specialists worked on, educational buildings are special to us. That’s because the main occupants of these buildings are students who come to school feeling safe, regard the building as their second home, and spend a majority of their days there. Whether it is a primary school or a university that’s looking to us for assistance in implementing a fire strategy, completing fire safety inspections, or consulting as a Scrutineer during construction, we do our best in ensuring that their buildings are safe and compliant with government safety regulations.

In our previous employment, school buildings and PBSAs (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) were some of the largest and most rewarding projects we had the privilege to work on. We know we have substantial experience in this area. Our well-developed expertise in the education sector gives us confidence that the fire safety measures we implement make a significant contribution to ensuring the safety of their occupants, who happen to be the future generation of leaders.

PFP and Our Other Services in the Education Sector

Our dedication to securing the safety of the occupants of educational buildings urges us to work with top fire safety professionals. Together with other experts in the industry, we ensure that fire safety procedures are in place in all portions of these structures: classrooms, lecture halls, common areas, laboratories, and others.

We also inspect and review the proper installation of passive fire protection (PFP) materials and products in these buildings. Special care is given to nurseries, daycare centres, and primary and middle schools, as their occupants are predominantly vulnerable and helpless when it comes to responding properly when fires occur.

Unfortunately, the challenges in passive fire protection in education buildings are rampant. Fire doors particularly can be subject to increased wear and tear since they are used more often. FCS makes sure these are regularly surveyed of their condition and are properly maintained.

Among our other services are conducting fire risk assessments and compartmentation/fire stopping surveys, recommendations on installation and remediation of fire-resistant glazing and fire doors, and pre-planned maintenance.

Specific Challenges in the Education Sector

As with any other sector, fire safety for schools and educational structures presents its own set of challenges. But then, overcoming these challenges allows our experts to devise solutions that are also unique and customised to the needs of this sector, without compromising compliant, timely, and budget-conscious delivery.

One of these challenges is the tight schedules and timelines of these educational institutions since these buildings are in almost constant use by students (except in 2020 when the world’s students had to stay at home). We must adjust our work schedules to prioritise periods when schools are empty, usually during summer breaks, holiday breaks, and half-terms.

Types of Education Buildings

Education structures come in different forms. Some of them are heritage buildings with historical significance, while some have contemporary designs paired with advanced technological innovations.

When working on heritage buildings, FCS takes on the challenge of ensuring fire safety compliance whilst protecting their historic significance and integrity. The FCS team has also worked with modern education buildings, wherein the main challenge would be installing glazed partitions within the building. Since these buildings contain more open spaces, it is deemed a must for their walls to be fire-resistant, or else fires may spread faster.

Another type is education structures initially marked as temporary and therefore not fully equipped with proper fire safety measures, as these are supposed to be replaced after a few years (hence, the name). However, due to budgetary constraints, these temporary structures become semi-permanent. Instead of replacing them with a new permanent building that will require more money, many education officials decide to just fortify these structures with effective fire safety measures, especially PFP.

Whatever type the education building is, FCS’s full suite of fire protection services works effectively to secure the safety of students and staff occupying the building.

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