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Student Accommodation Fire Safety

Why trust FCS Group with student accommodation?

We at FCS Group take pride in having extensive experience in the student accommodation sector. Close to 90% of our business involves clients operating within occupied buildings, with over 35% in residential structures. We keep students safe with our services, from surveying to installation works done in student accommodation areas.

FCS Group’s dedicated and experienced fire safety professionals have wide-ranging expertise in keeping facilities such as student accommodations safe, with less susceptibility to fire risks. We cover occupied, existing, and new buildings. Our services include fire risk assessment, compartmentation/fire stopping surveys and fire door surveys.

We at FCS Group understand how important safety is in student accommodation, as these facilities house young people who may be living away from home for the first time. The student population, where leaders and prominent figures of the future will come from, need to be given safe accommodation.

As far as the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) goes, FCS Group has considerable experience in supporting providers as they maintain these facilities throughout the entire UK. Our experience in PBSA includes working with both the private sector PBSA providers and those managed by both public and private universities and colleges.

Challenges Faced in Student Accommodation

Working with student accommodation presents its unique challenges. For one, the timelines are different from other sectors and can be tighter, as the only times when these facilities are not occupied with student residents are during summer breaks and half-terms. Thus, FCS Group’s working team has to adjust to accommodate this unique schedule only applicable to student accommodations.

Another challenge in working with student accommodation facilities is the underutilisation of passive fire protection (PFP) products and materials. Usually, penetrations that run through floors in risers, plant rooms, corridors, and into areas on top of flat entrance doors have weak PFP. This makes it likely for a fire originating in one area of student accommodation to quickly spread throughout the entire facility due to the lack of robust PFP. In our experience with conducting destructive surveys in these areas, the usual conclusion is that further fortification through PFP is required.

Moreover, the proper installation and maintenance of fire doors are also crucial for PBSAs. As the entire facility usually houses a lot of people, these fire doors usually need regular maintenance to keep their condition from deteriorating from wear and tear due to frequent use.

FCS Group, Your PBSA Experts

The solution we at FCS Group implement to ensure the safety of PBSAs includes complete surveys, effective compartmentation, and pre-planned maintenance. With long-term fire safety solutions in mind, we partner with institutions running these PBSAs for fixed terms of three, five, or seven years.

In the delivery of fire safety assessments, detailed survey works, compartmentation and fire stopping delivery, and fire door remediation and maintenance, we ensure quality services that should provide you and student residents peace of mind.

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