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FCS in the Healthcare Sector

FCS takes to heart the advocacy of protecting lives, which is why we consider healthcare as one of our most important sectors.

For more than three decades, we have worked successfully with various stakeholders in this sector – from the private healthcare companies to care homes, assisted living facilities, and the NHS to ensure that fire safety challenges in these buildings are addressed. We are proud to say that we have given thousands of patients, their families and loved ones, and employees and families of this sector peace of mind with our expertise.

Our objective with working in healthcare buildings is to make sure patients, NHS, and healthcare professionals can focus on their health and well-being while we take care of fire safety on their behalf. Our array of services include:

  • Fire risk assessments
  • Fire door surveys, installation, remediation, and maintenance
  • Compartmentation/fire stopping surveys and implementation
  • Pre-planned inspections of fire safety systems

We provide these services while liaising with local and national administrations for effective collaboration as we want to make sure that our efforts in making our healthcare buildings compliant are effective.

The Nature of Healthcare Buildings: Why You Need Our Expertise

When it comes to fire protection, healthcare buildings present unique challenges, of which the FCS team has extensive experience. In our years of providing third-party accredited passive fire protection solutions to healthcare buildings, these are the major challenges that we have, and continue to, face:

For one, these buildings are occupied when we work on them, so we have to make sure we consider all portions of these structures like the corridors, operating theatres, laboratories, and communal zones for families and visitors.

The expansive architecture of hospitals, assisted care facilities, and care centre facilities is also a challenge. When fires happen, expecting all patients and occupants to swiftly evacuate is unrealistic, obviously because of their diminished physical condition. FCS has implemented in these buildings a progressive horizontal evacuation, wherein occupants are moved from the area most affected by the fire into an adjoining area that has PFP products installed, protecting them from direct danger. This should give them time to stay safe until the fire is mitigated, or in case of worsening fires, they have the leeway to further move to the safest area or be brought to the nearest stairway.

Our breadth of experience in working with more than 100 hospitals annually allows us insights into what needs to be done, considering how complex the builds of NHS hospitals are. Aside from ensuring proper passive fire protection in the original construction and design of the buildings, we also have to make sure that PFP products are present. An example of this is fire doors that are exposed to wear and tear of daily use. Corridors are also susceptible to damage since equipment and patients are passed through them almost every minute. FCS Group has to make sure leaf gaps, thresholds, fire doors, and corridors are maintained and are still compliant all year-round.

Finally, FCS has to ensure that the building’s administration is compliant with government policies formulated to protect everyone in the sector. For our part, we make sure that our internal policies are also in place. Lastly, unique to every project, we ensure that we honour our social value commitments.

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