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Digital Floor Plan Creation

Creating Accurate Floor Plans From 3D Cameras

To properly carry out compartmentation surveys, damper surveys and submit Building Safety Cases, an accurate floor plan is essential. 

At Fire Consultancy Specialists, we have come across multiple buildings where a floor plan was not available or was not up to standard, to fill this gap and help to build a safer future we are offering a floor plan creation service using the latest in 3D camera scanning technology. 

Creating floor plans from 3D cameras allows for quick and easy capture of detailed data, which can then be used to generate accurate floor plans. With this technology, it is possible to capture accurate measurements and create highly detailed floor plans that can be used for a wide variety of applications, including Compartmentation Surveys and records, fire door and damper surveys including asset records, as well as Building Safety Cases, all of which form a part of the Golden Thread. 

At Fire Consultancy Specialists, we can create high-quality floor plans using our 3D cameras. Our team of experts is skilled in using this cutting-edge technology to capture accurate measurements and generate highly detailed floor plans that are both visually appealing and highly functional.  

Benefits of Creating Floor Plans from 3D Cameras 

There are several benefits of using 3D cameras to create floor plans, which make them a highly effective and efficient solution: 

Accuracy – 3D cameras can capture highly accurate measurements of a space, which can be used to create highly detailed and accurate floor plans. This level of accuracy is difficult to achieve with traditional methods of measuring and then drawing floor plans, which makes 3D cameras a highly effective solution. 

Speed – 3D cameras can capture detailed data quickly, which means that we can create floor plans in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. This makes 3D cameras an excellent solution for time-sensitive projects where speed is of the essence. 

Efficiency – 3D cameras can capture a lot of data in a short amount of time, which means that we can create highly detailed floor plans without disrupting our clients’ daily activities. This is especially useful in commercial, educational, or residential spaces, where delays can cause significant disruption. 


      Matterport 3D Camera

      At FCS we use the Matterport 3D camera system and software. Pro3’s ultra-fast, high-precision LiDAR sensor is accurate to within +/- 20mm @ 10m and it picks up an incredible 1.5M points per scan

      How We Can Help You Create the Perfect Floor Plan

      At Fire Consultancy Specialists, our process begins with an initial consultation, where we meet with our clients to discuss their needs and requirements. We then use our 3D cameras to capture detailed data of the space, which we use to generate highly accurate floor plans. Once the floor plans have been generated, we work with our clients to make any necessary adjustments or modifications to ensure that the floor plan meets their needs and requirements. 

      We can also use these floor plans to carry out detailed compartmentation surveys or as part of building out a Building Safety Case. 

      Other benefits this service can provide are.

      • Dilapidation (Condition) surveys, as the camera also takes images. This can be done when a project starts and finishes.
      • Production of an asset register, including a condition survey at the time the survey was completed.
      • The production of fire strategy drawings for existing buildings, with the supporting documentation if required written by our Fire Engineers.
      • To provide up-to-date drawings on buildings that have gone through changes and that have been upgraded. This would also ensure that a retrospective Fire Strategy can be produced and travel distances can be maintained.

      Creating floor plans from 3D cameras is a highly effective and efficient solution that offers many benefits over traditional methods of measuring and drawing floor plans. For more information, please contact us. 

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