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Fire Safety Programs for Hotel and Leisure Buildings

Fire Consultancy Specialists have the experience and the expertise to substantially deliver a complete array of fire safety programs to the hotel and leisure buildings sector. From the survey of fire stopping and fire doors, fire-rated glazing, to inspecting the building during construction stages, we ensure compliance at the very start. We have worked on hotel and leisure buildings across the country, allowing us to know exactly what our clients need as well as what the various standards manufacturers offer as tested solutions.

Due to the nature of the activities held on their premises, hotel and leisure buildings carry risks in terms of fire safety. For these properties to avoid being the site of potentially disastrous events like a major fire, these structures must be equipped with advanced implements to avoid fires or, at least, contain them.

Moreover, employees of these businesses need to be knowledgeable on fire safety protocol as they are responsible for the safety of their guests. The more guests a facility has, the bigger the challenge of staff in ensuring that the guests enjoy their stay on the premises without having to worry about their wellbeing. In case a fire does occur, the more guests there are, the more lives whose safety is in their hands they need to account for.

Passive Fire Protection for Hotels

Passive fire protection (PFP) is a very important part of the fire safety and protection program of hotel and leisure facilities. With an effective PFP, the facilities’ users – mostly guests who are not thoroughly familiar with the building layout and where everything is – won’t have to panic in getting to the exits and evacuation routes. An effective PFP will immediately contain the fire. If the fire does progress, proper PFP would have slowed down the spread of the fire and smoke and thus give the guests enough time to escape the building and the rescue teams enough time to get to the premises and put out the fire.

Moreover, a building’s functional PFP is a major factor in the building keeping its structural integrity and the assets inside the building undamaged. In a building with weak PFP, the fire will most likely spread quickly, damaging property and most likely causing casualties.

FCS services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Fire risk assessments;
  • Surveys of fire doors, building compartmentation, and fire stopping;
  • Installation, remediation, and repair of fire doors and fire-resistant glazing, if necessary;
  • Pre-Planned Maintenance, which allows your business to retain FCS for your fire prevention needs in three-, five-, or seven-year contracts.

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