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NFC Technology & Fire Compartmentation Surveys

FCS Switches To Near Field Communication Technology (NFC)

Fire Consultancy Specialists Ltd adopted Plan Radar as their software platform to provide clients with an interactive tool which captures all assessments, surveys, site visits, inspection and servicing reports.

Recently Plan Radar has introduced the use of NFC technology so that asset management can be achieved for fire door, passive and damper inspections, in addition to recording the actual inspection details. In essence every door or damper that is inspected by an FCS operative, the detailed report is recorded on the NFC tag providing ‘that’ specific service with an inspection record which can be added to each year, providing a ‘Golden Thread’ of information.

Additionally, client maintenance or management teams can check tags on internal audits with the use of their smartphones at any time to confirm compliance of those services without having to search through paper records. They are particular useful when it comes to Fire Door, Fire Damper and Fire Compartmentation Surveys

NFC Tags / PlanRadar: Using Near Field Communicaton to streamline projects

NFC tags are quickly gaining popularity in the construction and real estate industries for their ability to improve on-site information and data capture. These tags use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, a communication technology which allows the transfer of information between two chips, derived from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). In simple terms, when you bring your mobile device near an NFC tag, information stored on the tag is easily accessible right on your device. PlanRadar integrates with this technology, connecting to your Tickets in the application.

NFC Tags Benefits In Construction & Real Estate Projects

NFC tags provide several solutions that are particularly important on construction and real estate project sites.

Ultra-Precise Locating – NFC tags can be placed at exact points around a project site to track issues that need to be location-specific.

Build for the field – NFC tags can be extremely durable, able to withstand water, heat and extreme conditions, making them a robust solution for harsh construction worksites.

Internet connection not required – NFC tags use radio frequencies, meaning Wi-Fi or network connectivity is not required. This provides a useful solution in remote sites or underground projects such as foundation or tunnel work. Combined with PlanRadar’s ability to work offline, NFC tags simplify the challenges of working in unconnected areas.

Security – This technology is extremely secure – it’s likely the same technology you’re using when you make a contactless payment at your favorite coffee shop.

Integrity Of The Tag

Barcoded labels are fine in a library, or tracking file folders, but can be subject to harsh treatment in other applications. Barcode labels can be torn, scratched, and covered in mud or grease, making them unreadable. They can also be difficult to apply securely, particularly on surfaces that are patterned. NFC tags are robust and can be secured to all surfaces in varying styles.

One Technology Many Solutions

The power of near field communication technology, combined with the flexibility of the PlanRadar’s application, make NFC tags a solution for a variety of industries and projects, helping to save time and reduce errors on-site.

Construction Sites

The use cases on constructions sites are endless, from placing tags at key points around the site to share critical information, to tracing tools and equipment to ensure they have been properly maintained.

Facility Management

NFC technology can streamline regular maintenance projects by placing tags in areas that required ongoing maintenance. As teams move throughout the facility, Tickets with all needed information on regular maintenance are pulled up, ready to be reviewed and updated.  Key documents and warranty information can be stored via the Ticket, removing the need for excessive paper documentation.

Fire Stopping

Placing a tag on fire stopping elements such as Fire Doors or Fire Dampers, makes it easy for ongoing checks to ensure everything is in order. Simple align the tag to a Ticket, and teams can easily update the status during ongoing checks. This allows previous information from Fire Door, Fire Damper & Compartmentation surveys to be easily recalled and reviewed.

Infrastructure Projects

The durability, offline functionality and precise location make NFC tags ideal.


NFC tags are inexpensive but fall somewhere between the top end of barcodes and the bottom end of passive RFID tags (between 20-50p a tag depending on numbers ordered).

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