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We are trusted independent fire consultancy specialists with vast experience in the industry and a passion for fire safety.

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Independent Dedicated Specialists in Fire Safety & Engineering

FCS is built on a number of pre-defined values and standards replicated in our day to day work, and expressed in everything we do and provide. Dedicated and specialists in their skill sets, FCS has grown and created unique Fire Engineering teams to match the client’s every requirement.

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Fire Engineering & Safety Services

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Fire Risk Assessments

FRAs by NAFRAR Tier 3 assessors who are BAFE SP205 accredited (3rd party UKAS accreditation).

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Independent Fire Scrutineering

In line and compliant with the new Building Safety Bill and the Golden Thread.

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Compartmentation Surveys

Compartmentation is integral to the fire strategy of a building, preventing the spread of smoke and fire from the room of origin.

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Fire Door Surveys

Fire doors are an integral part of fire safety and protection measures for any building.

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Fire Safety Training

Fire Warden/Marshall and Fire Safety Management training courses.

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Building Safety Case Reports

Building Safety Case Reports as per the Building Safety Bill.

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Cladding Assessment Inspection

Reviewing of the EWS, fire risk assessments, fire safety management plans, fire strategy, compartmentation and cladding  EWS1 forms can be provided where required.

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Damper Inspection and Surveying

FCS experts are qualified and trained to conduct the required annual damper inspections. In addition to the damper, we have the knowledge and experience to check the surrounding fire stopping.

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Floor Plan Creation & 3d Camera

We can create high-quality floor plans using our 3D cameras. This captures accurate measurements and creates highly detailed floor plans and allows for 3d walk-throughsand asset tagging if required.

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Clients & Partners

Our Clients & Partners

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Fire Safety & Engineering Across Various Sectors

The Fire Consultancy Specialists team is committed to making people and property safe from preventable fire incidents. We operate throughout the whole of the UK, lending our Fire Safety expertise for a wide range size of premises in various sectors.
We cover the following sectors: Student Accommodation, Social Housing, Hotels and Leisure, Education, Healthcare, and Commercial. We understand and are capable of handling each sector’s unique requirements, from the simplest to the most complex.
Unsure of what sector your building or business falls under? Give us a call for a consultation on meeting fire safety compliance requirements.

Latest Technology, Techniques & Best Practices

FCS is committed to not only using the latest Technology, Techniques and Best Practices but also leading the way and utilising technological developments to help build a safer future for everyone. Learn more about our roll out of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

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Industry Memberships & Compliance

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